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How Microcurrent works

A Microcurrent Non-Surgical Face Lift is a SAFE procedure that is effective and cost efficient. Microcurrent works by applying gentle electric stimulation to the surface of the skin via conductive wands. You may experience slight tingling but most people find it relaxing and many actually fall asleep.

Who Can Use Microcurrent:

Because it is so gentle, any skin type can have it done. Since it helps prevent the natural progression of aging even young people will benefit from it. 


There are, however, a few conditions which prevent treatment:


  • Pacemakers


  • Epilepsy


  • Pregnancy

                              When Will I See Results?


Most of the time Microcurrent produces immediate dramatic changes in tissue which makes it an indispensable tool not only for treating pain and many other health concerns, but also allowing us to look our best NATURALLY AND PAIN FREE.



             How Many Treatments are Necessary ?


Most people need a course of 5-7 weekly Microcurrent sessions to see the full benefits. Many people are able to see immediate results from the first treatment. The exact number you need will depend on your skin tissue and muscle tone - not necessarily on your age.


After the initial course of Microcurrent treatments, you will need a maintenance treatment  on average every 4-6 weeks.




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