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Proven results at a fraction of the cost!

Non-Invasive Microcurrent

Face & Body Sculpting​​​​​​​​​​​​

Discover Celebrity Secrets!



  You Don't Need a Million to Look Like It!



Celebrities have been taking advantage of the

Microcurrent for some time and New Face & Body is making it available to you at a fraction of the cost!


The results are remarkable. Unlike traditional procedures that can pull the skin, this treatment will addresses the loss of tone.


You'lll see noticeable results after your first session! As time goes on, you'll continue to see improvement and smoothing effects on your skin!


Microcurrent affects the way your skin cells function. It works on the muscles, blood and lymph to repair, rejuvenate, nourish and maintain your skin.


You don't have to be a celebrity to have gorgeous, younger-looking skin. With Microcurrent, your skin will continue to get better over time. With absolutely no downtime,  just reapply makeup and go on with your day!


Hollywood will have nothing on you, after a few sessions at New Face & Body.




           Beautiful Image 


            FDA Approved Alternative to

                   Surgery and Laser!



● Reduces and eliminates fine lines and wrinkles.


● Firms and contours, lifts and tightens sagging   

   jowls, double chins and fatty cheeks.


● Improves circulation, lymphatic drainage and 

    exfoliates skin naturally. 


● Reduces enlarged facial pores, blackheads, 

   improves acne pitting and scarring.


● Reduces dark circles and under eye puffiness.


● Regain the lovely "pink glow" of youth.


● Tightens and tones buttocks and thighs.


● Reduces the appearance of stretch marks and

    cellulite on the stomach and body.


● Can reduce internal scarring and cysts. *

   (*results dependant on individual)









 The Miracle of Microcurrent


    Painless, Non-Invasive, Instant Results!



Microcurrent is an FDA approved alternative to laser treatments and harsh chemical treatments which cause irritation and accelerate aging.


Microcurrent uses painless, gentle electrical stimulation to tone and tighten the skin and muscles. This triggers the body's natural skin enhancement chemicals at a cellular level, which increases collagen and elastin production.


Since collagen continues to grow after a treatment, the skin improves over the course of time, leading to a refreshed look, without the stretched appearance that screams "cosmetic surgery."


Microcurrent doesn't rely on a thermal energy source like a laser, so there are no harmful side effects, no wounding of the dermis, no redness or inflammation, no abrasion or 'healing time' necessary.






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“My face looks 10 years young since Doris started using the microcurrent. I am a believer. It works!”  Kathryn B.


I have seen a difference in the tone and texture of my hips and buttocks since starting microcurrent. It takes patience, but Doris works hard to get the results!  Mindy


I’ve wasted so much money on my skin, but Microcurrent is one thing that really works! Heather

testimonials from real clients

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